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19 years ago it was my son's broken children's bow that inspired me to take a closer look at the making of bows and their history.


Today, I can look back on many years of experience in bow making, both traditional bow types and modern variants. At first I was mainly concerned with bamboo-covered bows. English longbows were added later. I am particularly fascinated by the special bows used by the equestrian peoples of the East and their construction made of wood, horn and sinew.


The magnificent collection of bows in the Turkish Chamber in Dresden were the inspiration for my own designs. I personally inspected the exhibits before the opening.

Bow making Matthias Scholz (10).jpg
Bow making Matthias Scholz (9).jpg

Preserving the traditional design of the historical models and using modern, high-performance materials does not have to be a contradiction in terms. Glass-covered arches unite both sides.


I am a porcelain painter in the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory and studied art at the Dresden Art Academy. So I always have artistic demands on my bows. If you wish, I can paint your arch by hand using the elaborate painting of the old arches.

In 2019 my son-in-law Sebastian Donath joined me with a lot of enthusiasm and is now the second at Igel Bogenbau. We support each other in the further development of our workshop and in the creation of new ideas.


We hope you have a lot of fun and success with our bows!

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